Central Heating Power Flush Eastbourne

The need for power flushing comes from a build-up of oxide sludge and calcium in the central heating system. Sludge or calcium build up in a heating system means there could be an underlining problem that’s allowing air to get into the central heating system, causing radiators and heat exchangers to corrode. This leaves rust and debris in the bottom of radiators which corrodes down into oxide sludge. This then leads to blocked waterways in radiators, pipe work and heat exchangers. Blockages slow down the transfer of heat which causes pipe, valve and heating control server damage. It will, in some cases, lead to boiler replacement.

Symptoms that indicate you may need power flushing in your Eastbourne Home:

  • Boiler switching on and off frequently
  • Boiler constantly breaking down
  • Boiler making banging and/or knocking noises
  • Central heating radiators taking a long time to heat up
  • Radiators getting cold spots
  • Boiler making “kettling" noise
Central heating power flush Eastbourne from £295

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