Air Source Heat Pumps
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air source heat pumps in Eastbourne

What is an Air Source Heat Pump? 

An air source heat pump is an alternative way to heat your home and could potentially save you money on your energy bills in the long run. This device absorbs heat from outside air and then transfers it into your home to make hot water.

At Forward Plumbing our team can install, service and maintain air source heat pumps in your home. The unit is ran by electricity but it is much more energy-efficient than traditional heating methods.

Heat Pump Installer in Eastbourne

Air source heat pumps are suitable for all types of homes and work with underfloor and radiators.

There are two main types of an air source heat pump:

  1. Air to water heat pumps are used in wet central heating systems to heat radiators, underfloor heating and sometimes to generate hot water
  2. Air to air heat pumps are perhaps better known as air conditioning and heat the air directly. This will include some level of air movement and noise as you would expect from an air conditioning unit.

The Benefits of an ASHP
  • No fuel deliveries required
  • Reduces your carbon footprint
  • Cost of running an ASHP can be considerably less than alternative methods such as Oil, LPG or conventional electric
  • The energy you generate with an air source heat pump can be used to heat your home and provide hot water

Forward plumbing are MCS accredited and can offer the government boiler upgrade scheme which entitles the homeowner to receive £5000 towards the upgrade of your system to an air source heat pump. We can also offer finance on the installation of an air source heat pump through our finance partner.

2 Year Insurance Backed Warranty on Installation

We are registered with RECC (renewable energy consumer code) for peace of mind knowing that we have agreed to abide by the high standards set out by the consumer code.

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